Growing up in a largely non-musical family, in the farm-country of central Wisconsin, Brett stood out by developing a deep passion for music at a young age. He was singing as soon as he could talk, on the piano at age two, and playing guitar by ten. Brett stayed involved in everything musical and consistently positioned himself in front of any audience he could find and never failed to capture attention with his passion.

Shortly after high school, Brett moved to California where he worked as lead-engineer and producer for a commercial recording studio and production house, by day, and an acoustic, pop-music performer by night. After realizing the CA music scene was not the right place for him, he decided to take some time from the stage and explore some of his other passions. He moved to Colorado where he earned a Master’s Degree in Aerospace engineering, from the University of Colorado and worked as a spacecraft controller for NASA space missions. However upon completion of his schooling, Brett once again found himself face-to-face with the fact that he was never meant to do anything but bring music to the world. This realization resulted in a powerful return to music as one of few rocket scientists in the country genre.

Following a return to his roots in the country music genre, Brett found his way to Nashville, in the Spring of 2017, where he plays as both a solo and band-backed artist. Westgrove is currently writing and recording his first album for a summer 2018 release and booking tour dates for summer and fall for 2018.