It Was One Of Those Things I Never Saw Coming

Beautiful Crazy” came to life on a cold January evening back in 2018 at a writer’s getaway just outside of Nashville. It was a day to develop some new song ideas with a group of four fantastic songwriters and friends. We gathered over coffee and spent the first hour or so catching up with each other’s lives. The day rapidly developed into an incredibly fruitful day of writing, which not only included the completion of my very first single (and title track to my first album) “Somewhere Town“, but also the song which is the subject of this post!

During the course of conversation one of our co-writers began describing her new relationship. With pure excitement in her voice she went on to describe the details of her new found love using words that would ultimately become the heart and soul of this song. She continued on, painting a picture of a relationship that developed from an acquaintance to a romance so quickly that it felt crazy… but the good kind – it was “Beautiful Crazy“. Everyone was obsessed with her words.

We dug in, listening to her tale while simultaneously bringing our own experiences into the conversation. Before long we had what became the final version of the song – one that would go on to be a fan favorite, a popular wedding song, but also a song that would take almost six years to finally see the light of day… But that’s a story for another post.

Beautiful Crazy” is now streaming on all major music platforms and has begun making its rounds on country radio. Click the button below to listen now. Please don’t forget to share this link with your friends (it’s a free and easy way you can help any artists you follow), and please reach out through the contact page if you’d like to know how you can help get “Beautiful Crazy” on the radio near you!



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