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After spending his early years in rural Wisconsin, Westgrove followed a long path before winding up in Nashville to truly start his music career. His first step out of his midwest bubble started when he moved to California shortly after high school. He worked the music scene there, performing and working as a highly sought after recording engineer and producer.

Shortly thereafter he made a move to Colorado where he would earn his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. But music kept drawing him back. Leaving a great job commanding NASA spacecraft the rocket scientist raised what little funds he could, by selling most of his belongings, and headed toward Music City. It was finally time to get back to his roots of music and country life. It was time begin paving his way through the country music industry.

In the Nashville sea of musical clones, country singer Brett Westgrove delivers a sound and experience that is refreshingly unique yet representative of country-life in a modern world. Brett’s songs draw listeners into landscapes and moments painted by lyrics drawn from real-life experiences and expertly delivered to listeners with a passion that only a true artist, performer, and storyteller like Westgrove can.

Parking his car wherever he could stay without attracting unwanted attention, often in questionable parking lots in rough parts of town, Westgrove began his Nashville life living in his car. With no heat he slept in below-freezing conditions, showered at the cheapest gym he could find, and spent his days playing lower broadway or networking. It didn’t take long for him to get noticed, thanks to an overwhelmingly strong drive and work ethic, both coupled with his undeniable musical talent. Westgrove was soon working with seasoned Nashville songwriters, playing at the top Nashville venues, and touring the country with his band.

Westgrove is currently working on a new album and booking tour dates for the remainder of the year and beyond. Check out the Westgrove Show List for shows near you and join the Westgrove email list (below) for regular updates on new songs, videos, shows, give-aways, and more!

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