The Evolving Album


This album may become controversial. Some of you may get upset about what it is. Yet others will see how unique it is. This album literally evolves and grows over time. Each version represents a unique, even collectible, revision. So what does this mean?

The state of the music industry makes it difficult for artists, especially indie artists, to release entire albums at once. When it can cost as much as $3-5k and up to record, release, and market just a single song an entire album all at once can be unfortunately unattainable – especially when indie artists have to be their own bank (all in order to not bow to the creative control and financial ownership of a record label).

With all this said, when you purchase this album it will represent the state of Westgrove releases in that moment. If six new songs have been released when you come to a show, or order from this website, the album will have six songs. If you come to a show four months later the album may have eight songs (not to mention a new version number and maybe even special new hidden updates!

Track each revision you purchase using the list below, and to gather more information on songwriters, musicians, and other credits!



  1. Beautiful Crazy
      • Written by: Brett Westgrove, Cece Dubois, Jillian Farrar, Michael Peterson
      • Date: 13 January 2018
  2. Memory Burns Like Whiskey
      • Written by: Brett Westgrove
      • Date: 19 October 2022
  3. Shitty F150
      • Written by: Brett Westgrove
      • Date: 19 October 2022
  4. Heart Shaped Hole
      • Written by: Brett Westgrove
      • Date: 13 September 2019
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